We're having a virtual concert . . . . and you're invited!

instruments of change concert

With all of the changes in our school calendar, we needed a way to hold our end-of-year concerts.

All you need to do is practice and play the three songs below, while someone records your performance.

Then, click on your schools mascot to upload the video.

There are just 3 easy steps!

Step 1: Practice!!

The sheet music and three videos are here to help you practice and perform  

  • Print or download the music.
  • Click the You Tube links to play along with the video.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice!!

Step 2: Record Your Performance

  • If you don't play in time with the practice video, we can't use your performance.
  • While you are playing, have someone video your performance.
  • Click the YouTube links below and play along with each video!

Step 3: Upload Your Performance

Open this web page on your phone

  • Make sure you have selected your students school.
  • Click the button to upload your video.

Here we go!

Download or Print the sheet music here:

(click on the image of the music)

Then,  to learn the songs, play along with each of the videos below.  You have played these songs before so they are familiar.

The Practice and Performance Videos

To record your performance, start each video and play along while your parent or guardian records your performance.

Remember, you need to play in time with the video.

This is very important!  If you don't keep time with the video, we will not be able to use your performance.

Advice on making the video

Performance Tips and Tricks

  • Parents.  Please be encouraging!
  • They have never played this way before and it's not as easy as it seems
  • Students, don't expect to be perfect!
  • We want this to be a positive experience and it may be stressful
  • Be prepared to spend some time on the recording!
  •  You may need to start over several times.

Video Tips and Tricks

  • Have some light in front of your student.
  • Light behind them will make it hard to see them
  • Keep your fingers away from the lens
  • If possible, have your phone or tablet on a table, chair or tripod

Uploading your videos

On your Phone, when you're finished shooting the videos,
click the logo of your school below and it will open a site called Dropbox.

NOTE: You need to have cookies enabled on your phone for the upload to work.

  • When Dropbox opens, there is a button to "Choose Files"
  • After you choose your videos to upload, you will be asked for a First Name, Last Name and email address.
  • Please enter your students name and your email address.
    (This will allow us to match the video with the student.)
  • You will receive an email to let you know that that your videos were successfully uploaded.

(Click on your schools logo to upload your video)

Thank you for giving your student an opportunity to perform!
We will put together the concert and let you know when it’s available to view.