For The Children In Our Community

You Can Be an Instrument of Change!

 What if you could help at risk students in your community?

Studies show that children who learn to play an instrument see:

  •  Increased High School Graduation Rates
  •  Reduced Drug and Alcohol Abuse
  •  Increased Math Scores
  •  Increased Language Scores
  •  Increased Spatial Reasoning
  •  Increased Self-Esteem

Your Donation may be Tripled!

We are honored to have a couple of generous supporters matching every donation up to a total of $10,000!
Your donation may be matched, and matched again!

  •    Your $25 donation becomes $75!
  •    Your $100 donation becomes $300!
  •    Your $1000 donation becomes $3000!

By donating, you are an Instrument of Change
in the lives of these children.