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Music Heals Us

Meet Andrew Lakey

Founder of Music Heals Us

Andrew is 16, a cancer survivor and a young man with a mission to change people’s lives, inspire the community, make kids smile and help them through a very difficult time.

When Andrew was 9, his Drs. found a brain tumor right the pituitary gland. After surgery he started on chemotherapy, once a week, for a day of therapy.  During this time, it was very difficult to stay positive.  Andrew made the best of a tough situation through prayer (lots and lots of prayer), making friends with the nurses and coming up with fun things to do while going through chemotherapy.

Music Heals Us Logo

Through this difficult time, Andrew found that learning and playing the ukulele was more than just a distraction.  It was calming, joyful, FUN!

To quote Andrew:

Cancer sucks and ukuleles make people happy. So, if I take something that is really, really rough and combine it with something that is really fun, happy and awesome, and put them together, it makes kids’ lives a little bit more bearable. So, one pediatric cancer patient at I time, I am going to give out a ukulele to help brighten up someone’s day and give them something to look forward to.

Andrew with boxed Ukes

Andrew Ready to deliver some uke’s!

The Mission

Andrew set an initial goal to reach 100 children in cancer treatment with a ukulele.  To bring to other children the same joy he experienced.

How Can I Help?

You can help by donating to the Music Heals Us project through Instruments of Change.  Click the Donate button below and make a donation that you consider generous.

boy receiving uke
girl with uke
second boy receiving uke

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