Your musical instrument can make a difference.

Nothing happens until you get involved. Don’t leave it to someone else. Make a difference today!2page-img1

Studies have shown that students who learn to play a musical instrument are more likely to graduate high school, more likely to go to college, less likely to be involved in the pitfalls of drug and alcohol abuse, and have higher self esteem. Other studies have shown that students who play a musical instrument score higher on math and language skills tests, and that students show positive changes in cognitive and spatial reasoning skills.

Children involved in music performance have a lower rate of depression, feel connected to their community and lead happier lives.

By improving the lives of children, we improve our community.

2page-img2The old phrase “All boats rise with the tide” really applies to the mission of Instruments of Change. Children who perform better in school tend to earn more money later in life, tend to have more stable family environments, and tend to be more community minded than those who drop out of school. By teaching a child to play a musical instrument, you change their potential for success. Your investment in the children of today sets in motion a series of positive changes that echo throughout our community.

“What if I don’t have an instrument?”5page-img1

You can make a financial donation.

Your financial donation can be used to provide an instrument to a child in need. Please click the Donate button below and help with the cost of instruments, supplies, and repairs.

Please take the time to donate now and you can become an Instrument of Change.


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