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Elementary School Band Programs

A very special ‘Thank You’ to the Lightning Foundation!

Some highlights – Enjoy!

Because of their generosity, we are able to start two new band programs in the 2014-2015 school year.  The new programs will allow us to reach even more children in high risk areas.

Children who learn to play a musical instrument:

  • Are more likely to graduate high school
  • Score higher on Math and Language tests
  • Are less likely to be involved with drugs and alcohol
  • Earn more money over their lifetime

The band programs are designed to give these children a place to connect in school.  Many of the elementary school children we have reached over the years are now in high school and on their way to a much brighter future.  Music allows them to be involved with programs and projects that keep them connected and give them a reason to want to attend school.

Elementary Band Title
Elementary Band Title
Elementary Band Title
Elementary Band Title

We invite you to get involved; you can make a difference; you can be an Instrument of Change.  Contact us today and we can show you how you or your company can open up a world of possibilities for children who wouldn’t otherwise have a chance.

This is NOT an Entitlement Program

Instruments of Change® provides rental instruments to the students while they are enrolled in the 5th grade band program.  We also provide the instructional book and a band director for the class.

The students agree to stay with the program for the entire school year.  During that time, they must keep up with the program, regularly perform selections from the book to show proficiency, and attend performance opportunities to pass the program.

At the conclusion of the 5th grade program, the student has completed the academic qualification to earn an instrument.  In order to receive the instrument, they must enroll in middle school band and be verified by their band director.  Only then do they receive their instrument.

Through this process they are taught the concepts of:

  • Hard Work
  • Goal Setting
  • Personal Accomplishment
  • Accountability
  • Responsibility
  • Teamwork and more!
You can be an Instrument of Change by helping these students
Contact us today

We’re often asked:  Why host these programs?

School budgets are being cut on a regular basis and music education is one of the first programs on the chopping block.

With grades falling and drop-out rates increasing, music education is more important than ever. Over several decades, studies have shown that students who learn to play a musical instrument have higher graduation rates, better grades, higher self-esteem and a host of other positive benefits. Our goal for the Elementary School programs is to help these students prepare for middle and high school; and to increase their potential for success.

The Elementary School Band programs are designed to bring music performance and instruction to under served/under funded schools.  We have ongoing performance-band programs made possible by the generosity of local individuals, companies and churches.

Last year, the number of students nearly doubled and as we look forward to this year we expect even more students in the program.  The band program provides instruments and instruction to 5th grade classes at Title 1 schools. It includes musical instruments, instructional materials, a band director and performance opportunities throughout the year.  The program culminates in a spring concert.

Remember, this is not an entitlement program!

  • These students work to earn an instrument
  • They must complete the entire school year
  • Then pass a series of performance and theory tests
  • Then, they must enroll in middle school band and be verified by their band director.

Your investment in these students is not wasted on simple give-away programs.  These children learn the concepts of hard work, goal setting, teamwork, accountability, responsibility and many more essential life-skill.

Stay tuned for updates on the Elementary School Band programs.
We are expecting great things from our students!